Medical issues

SCANMED – treatment

In cases of illness, students may go to the Scanmed Health Centre on 5 Armii Krajowej Avenue, phone: (+48) 12 629 88 00, where they may consult general practitioners and specialists. When making an appointment with a doctor, it is necessary to present your PESEL identification number. The PESEL number is also necessary to obtaining medical services (appointments with doctors). In case of an emergency, you should contact a district hospital emergency ward.

Scanmed Universum
5 Armii Krajowej Street
30-150 Kraków
7:00 AM - 7:00 PM Monday-Friday

PESEL number

Every foreigner who has registered his/her residence in the territory of the Republic of Poland for more than 3 months obtains a PESEL identification number. The PESEL number should be collected three weeks after registering residence in the office for registering residents in Referat Ewidencji Ludności (Population Records Office) on 10 Powstania Warszawskiego Avenue.

Emergency numbers:

  • call 999 from a landline phone or
  • 112 from a mobile one.

Documents which enable their holders to obtain national medical services in Poland free of charge

  • European Insurance Card
  • Temporary Certificate of Insurance issued by EU/EFTA
  • Secured electronic document S045 issued by EU/EFTA
  • NFZ (Polish National Health Service) certificate issued upon presenting E106, E109, E121, S1 forms – for a full range of healthcare services
  • NFZ (Polish National Health Service) certificate issued upon presenting E123, DA1 forms – for a limited range of healthcare services
  • E112, S2 forms in which an authorized health service institution grants a consent for treatment planned in a member country.

Students from the countries outside the European Union planning to study in Poland may sign an agreement on voluntary health insurance with a given NFZ unit, provided they have a student status and have paid an insurance tax.