ISAD Welcomes New Students!

We would like to warmly welcome new students who have joined ISAD for class 2022. Our community is constantly growing and we are proud to have members from all continents of the world. Candidates from almost 20 countries and 6 continents applied for the next academic year in first two rounds of recruitment. You can still join us in the third round and become agents of change!

We would like to remind about the approaching deadline of recruitment for the third edition of M.A. in International Security and Development Programme (ISAD) – 24th of August.

Previous editions of our programme attracted over 200 applications from more than 30 countries and all continents. Currently, nearly 60 students participate in ISAD Programme at the Jagiellonian University. We are proud to announce that Jagiellonian University is ranked as the one of the TOP 6 universities of QS University Rankings for EECA 2020 (Emerging Europe and Central Asia).

The international discussion on the most troubling global problems of the modern world, such as the escalating conflict in Iran, Brexit and its consequences for European and global economy, the European migrant crisis, the threat of terrorist attacks, a new coronavirus in China, as well as many other contemporary challenges, show the huge demand for specialists and strategists in the field of security and development. It also indicates the need to raise public awareness of the correlation between aid transferred to developing countries and the sense of security among developed countries' societies.

In order to respond to these trends and due to interest in previous years, Jagiellonian University launches the third edition of the MA programme of studies - International Security and Development. ISAD aims at fostering creative thinking about complex problems of global security and development, as well as to equip students with analytical tools, language expertise, and cross-cultural understanding. It also helps gain the professional skills needed for managing global security and development in an international environment.

Growing up for our generation often means experiencing first-hand the consequences of globalization, both positive and negative. And if like me, you are eager to better understand the causes, roots and issues linked to the current global challenges then ISAD is what you are looking for! Studying in the most prestigious University in Poland, following courses taught by outstanding local and visiting Professors, having access to unique and excellent networks, having the opportunity to specialize in a variety yet niche areas of expertise spamming form cyber-security, to migration and conflict management and much more is just a tiny window on what this program offers. ISAD is student-oriented, continuously motivating you to explore solutions, argue, debate, and cooperate through team-projects. As my research and professional interest focuses on migration policies and discourses and the European southern border I have chosen the Development track for the second-year specialization: pragmatic, result oriented, and taught by highly qualified and engaging professionals and academics – I could have not made a better choice! – says Shadi Firouzi Tabar, ISAD Student.

The two-years programme provides practical and theoretical knowledge of those areas thanks to Polish and international scholars. Academic courses are taught in English, and additionally, students will learn the second, chosen foreign language. There are two academic tracks (specialisations): international security as well as international development. The programme includes professional traineeships and workshops with experts. 

During the whole two-year programme (2020-2022), six scholarships are available for the top students. There are three partial fee waiver scholarships at the first year of studies, and another three partial fee waiver scholarships at the second year- see more on scholarships available here.

The third ISAD class will be launched in the academic year 2020/2021, and the recruitment process started in January 2020. Find out more about programme structure and recruitment on our website: We also encourage you to familiarise with our online prospectus

ISAD as an innovative project was awarded the grant of the Polish National Centre for Research and Development (in the framework of the EU Operational Programme: Knowledge-Education-Development) and is co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund.

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