Jagiellonian University students' testimonials

Natalia Pelypets, Ukraine (ISAD class of 2018-2020)

If you were given an opportunity you have always hoped for, would you not be excited beyond words? I guess you would, just like I am. ISAD gave me everything I have ever dreamt about: the most prestigious university in Poland, highly qualified professors, multicultural environment and magnificent cultural capital of Poland – Krakow.

ISAD gives you a possibility to grow, to learn on your own and from each other, to recognize complex problems of today’s global security and development, and then inspires confidence that you, your opinions and actions matter. ISAD is the right programme to broaden your horizons and allows you not just to study international security and development, but also to see yourself as a person capable of solving modern global issues.

David Ferrero, Portugal (ISAD class of 2018-2020)

In any given conversation with a colleague, a friend or a family member, you are likely to hear that we are living in a changing world, that this is a defining moment we are going through and that the stakes to deal with global challenges have never been higher. The International Security and Development program helps you understand why this is.

During my time on this program, I have learned to identify properly the ways the world works, to recognize the ideas that set the globe alight in the past and the ones that govern it in the present. It is a fantastic way to explore the problems posed by an increasingly interconnected world, the sources of conflict and institutions that deal with them. Furthermore, you are encouraged to explore solutions, to debate and express your ideas in order to deal with real-world problems.

The other reason that makes this program so desirable is the fact that it is taught in Poland’s most prestigious higher-education institution and located in a city extremely well connected to the rest of Europe. Coming to Krakow and joining the ISAD program has definitely been one of the best decisions I have made and I strongly recommend it to all those interested in joining!

Caroline A. Beshenich, USA

I believe that my academic endeavours with the Jagiellonian University, as well as my time living in Krakow, have given me a unique opportunity to further my education and develop my own perspectives. Following high school, I knew that I wanted something more than the academic program offered by my local university. I wanted an education that went beyond books and the essentials. Three years after coming to Poland, and I can honestly say that this step into the unknown was one of the most significant and fruitful decisions of my life. What better way to study the world and its political structures then by studying alongside students from every corner of the Earth?

I have been as fortunate as to be able to grow my knowledge organically; not just by studying in one of the oldest universities in Europe but also by meeting people from the areas I aim to experience and work in some day. My knowledge has been shaped from their perspectives; which offer dimension to the multi-lateral and rapidly changing globalised society we live in. From my peers I have gained an understanding that enhances the booksmarts my professors gave me. I had hoped to find a university, which would allow me to learn from something other than just textbooks. Jagiellonian has given me this, and so much more. The dedicated professors, intensive studies, and multicultural atmosphere have created the base for my future endeavours and the mark, which I hope to make in this life.

Alejandro Leal, Mexico

I was born and raised in Mexico, after studying high school in the United States, I decided to study my bachelor’s degree in Krakow. Being a student at the Jagiellonian University has been an incredible experience; the university is one of the oldest and most prestigious in Europe. I found an inspiring group of scholars within the Faculty that are always eager to develop and transform students into future leaders. Finally, is worth mentioning the diverse environment and vibrancy that I have found in Krakow. The city is full of students, culture, history, and beauty. This has truly been the best decision I have made so far!

Daniela Ivanková, Slovakia

I graduated from the joint Master´s degree program in International Relations: Europe from the Visegrad perspective. This program provided me with an opportunity to study at four prestigious universities in the four different European countries. Already the first semester I had the fortune to spend at the Centre for European Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and I have to say that it was one of the most valuable and culturally richest experiences of my academic career so far.

This university and its professors not only provided me with an opportunity to gain advanced competence in solving relevant issues but also helped me to think much more critically and complex about the world. My professors and their top quality classes equipped me with a sound knowledge of European politics and a deep understanding of global political issues with a special focus on the Visegrad region. My academic semester in Krakow has definitely awakened my interest in the further academic research.

Thanks to the culturally, linguistically and disciplinary diverse background of my professors and course mates, I have been constantly inspired and challenged to look at the Europe and its function through a different lens. Life in Krakow, with its breath-taking historical sites and cultural possibilities, is very enriching and complete the whole magic picture of my studies times there.

Giovanni Caporioni, Italy

At the Jagiellonian University, I found an inspiring team of scholars in a dynamic and open environment, and I enjoyed a refreshing learning experience based on active participation. The invaluable opportunity of giving individual presentations and being involved in teamwork always matched the rigour and the quality of the courses I attended. My BA in International Relations at the Jagiellonian University has prepared me exceptionally well for the Master's degree at Oxford that I am studying this year. Finally, last but not least, Krakow is a truly wonderful city.

Liliana Guevara Opinska, Mexico

I have fond memories from my time at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Although I only spent one semester at JU while earning a M.A. in International Relations, the experience was both enriching and intellectually stimulating. JU is one of the oldest universities in Europe with a long history of academic excellence and rigor. However, it is not only history that makes JU an appealing place to study. Presently, the institution continues to live up to its reputation by constantly evolving and reinventing itself and the programs it offers according to the needs of our fast-paced society.

I enjoyed participating in interesting lectures imparted by qualified instructors and my interacting with students who came to study at JU from all over the world. An additional bonus is JU’s location: Krakow is one of the most beautiful Polish cities, with an international student vibe, a rich history and vibrant culture!

Jeyhun Ashirov, Azerbaijan

The Jagiellonian University and the city of Krakow have a special place in the memories of many people who value quality of education and positive atmosphere for learning and personal development. For this matter, I feel extremely happy and privileged for attending the Jagiellonian University and living in Krakow. During my time at the Faculty of International and Political Studies at JU, I enjoyed every single moment where I took part in intellectual discussions and learned from professors as well as from fellow students. However, the city of Krakow in itself has a lot to offer. Therefore, I would highly recommend the JU for prospective students where they will have high quality of education, fruitful time for networking and discovering their potentials for making a difference in their life.

Jakub Szuman, South African Republic

My experience studying at Jagiellonian University can be divided in two ways - a personal and an academic experience. On one hand, the life of Kraków tends to consume a person, as all the beauty of the city and social activities readily available make it hard to ever experience a 'boring' day. This is balanced by the academic experience; which can be challenging and demanding, a student might experience a general frustration of wanting to experience more of the city (and country) while focusing less on studies. However, the time afforded to students who can prioritize their time well, is more than sufficient to allow for an unforgettable experience while still offering a good chance at setting the building blocks for a life after studying.

Apart from studying, the added benefit of staying in Kraków is the location - it is very easy to travel to most European countries - a feature that appeals to any person eager for adventures:).

In short, the decision to study at Jagiellonian University was not a hard one to make. From the personal experiences to the academic quality, it provided an overall experience that was highly enjoyable and not regretted even for a moment. Thank you to the staff at UJ and the city of Kraków for unforgettable memories and experiences.