Message from the Director

Welcome to ISAD,

Having you at this web-site means you are interested in security and development issues, areas crucial in a contemporary world, but often separated both in scholarship and in the policy practice. They’re highly interwoven in real life, hence we’ve decided to create a unique programme, combining both areas and trying to show them as different dimensions of the same global problems.

Our programme combines a cutting-edge academic inquiry with practice of security and development. It’s based on a rich and diversified community of students and scholars, working together in an intimate environment with individual approach to each other. It offers a wide variety of obligatory and elective courses, allowing students understand the complexity of the current international environment.

The programme allows students to participate in an unique combination of research rigour and practical application of acquired knowledge and skills, creating experts for the future.

Our programme is carried out by the Faculty of International and Political Studies, hiring more than 200 scholars researching all the aspects of global security and development, well experienced in various interdisciplinary and international study programmes and one of the most advanced in studies of different regions of the world. It is a part of the the Jagiellonian University, being one the most prestigious university in Poland and Central Europe, and having a very rich tradition of academic excellence.

The university is based in Krakow — a city known as a fantastic place to live and offering not only a vast range of opportunities to gain knowledge, but also a chance to meet students from all over the world. In Poland, rapidly growing economic leader of Central Europe, you may also develop your future career as many international corporations opened their branches here.

I do hope you will join us in this unforgettable academic experience.

Marcin Grabowski

Director of the MA in International Security and Development Programme