The Faculty of International and Political Studies

The Centre

The Center for International Studies and Development is an ideal space for the development of research and interests in the field of international relations, security and global development issues, thanks to the qualified international and interdisciplinary academic staff, excellent experts and, above all, thanks to the rich student community. CISAD conducts interesting, innovative research, combines international, development and security issues and on this basis we build study programmes for people from around the world, creating the opportunity for an intellectual dialogue.

The Center for International Studies and Development was established in 2019 at the Faculty of International and Political Studies in response to the need to internationalize the Jagiellonian University and create space for the integration of Polish and international students.

The starting point for creating the Center was the creation of the International Security and Development program, which has been a permanent initiative since 2018.  Previous editions of our programme attracted over 250 applications from more than 40 countries and all continents. At the present time, nearly 60 students participate in ISAD Programme at the Jagiellonian University.

Apart from the ISAD, that has been an on-going initiative, we have created an International Relations and Public Diplomacy programme together with the University of Siena with a generous support of the Polish Nationl Agency for Academic Exchange. We have also started an M.A. in Political Ideas in a Digital Age programme. This project is established thanks to multilateral cooperation of four universities – Jagiellonian University in Krakow and its  MA in International Security and Development programme, CY Cergy Paris University, The Political Institute of the Catholic University in Lisbon and The Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala.

Our main goal is to create a platform for the exchange of experience and for understanding the problems of the contemporary world. The ability to analyze international environment allows our graduates to be unquestioned experts in the field of security, development, diplomacy and international relations.

The Faculty

In the year 2000, the Faculty of International and Political Studies was founded. One of the main purposes for establishing the new Faculty was to combine academic and didactic efforts undertaken by various groups of academic researchers at the university in the field of political and international developments – as seen from legal, historical, philosophical, sociological, and cultural perspectives.

The Faculty is divided into the following units: Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora, Institute of the Middle and Far East, Institute of European Studies, Institute of Political Science and International Relations, Institute of Russian and East European Studies, Institute of Intercultural Studies, Division of Ukrainian Studies, Centre for Holocaust Studies, Centre for Chinese Language and Culture ("Confucius Institute in Krakow"), Centre for Lithuanian Studies, Centre for Quantitative Research in Political Science, Jagiellonian Centre for Migration Studies, Jagiellonian Centre for African Studies, King Sejong Institute and Centre for International Studies and Development.

The University

The Jagiellonian University, founded in 1364, is the oldest university in Poland and the second oldest institution of higher education in Central and Eastern Europe. It was here that the Krakow School of the Law of Nations (contemporary international law) was established in the 15th century.